Viraj Bindra
ABOUT ME 21 years old  ·  All-Around Nice Guy

My name rhymes with garage and I’m a product designer at DoorDash. I’ve worked on interfaces at companies like Nest, Venmo, and R/GA, which you can read more about below. I design in wireframes and pixels, and prototype in code. Email me at if you're interested in DoorDash, if you’re working on a project and think I could help, or for pretty much anything else.

NEST LABS Summer & Fall 2013, Summer 2014  ·  Palo Alto, CA

As a design intern at Nest, I worked on a new version of the apps and led the UX for device pairing on the Nest Protect - the company’s new smoke & carbon monoxide detector. I returned to Nest the summer after my junior year and worked on more thoughtful things that have yet to be released.

VENMO Spring 2013  ·  San Francisco, CA

At Venmo, I worked with the design team on version 6.0 of the Venmo app, which allowed users to send payments or requests to multiple people at one time. I also worked with the lower-processing costs team on projects such as the recently released bank login flow.

KPCB FELLOWS Summer 2013  ·  Menlo Park, CA

While I worked at Nest full-time, a Design Fellowship with KPCB also allowed me to gain insight into what it was like to design at other KPCB-affliated companies. I had the chance to lead a fireside chat with KPCB partner Randy Komisar at the 2014 Fellows Kickoff.

MATES (WIP) Fall 2014  ·  Stanford, CA

Mates is a side project that aims to be an organizational tool for roommates. Features such as instantly shared purchases and lists for groceries and chores keep roommates organized and prevent tedious follow-ups. See some early mockups below and hit me up if you think this would be useful or want to work on it!

STANFORD 2011 - 2015  ·  Stanford, CA

In 2015, I completed a B.S. in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in HCI. I’ve taken classes such as Intro to Human Computer Interaction, Cognition in Interaction Design, Research in Advanced User Interfaces, Web Applications, iOS Programming, Mathematical Foundations of Computing, and many others.


Centivize was a hackathon project I worked on at PennApps Fall 2013 with a couple of other KPCB fellows. I designed the app and led front-end development, in about 24 hours. See the video here.

Kards was a project I completed as part of my application for the KPCB Design Fellowship, and was a potential redesign/pivot for Klout as of 2012. You can check out my rough project summary or view the original mockups & rejected designs.

R/GA Singapore was where I interned during the summer of 2012, assisting on layout, visual work, and ideation for decks and projects for clients such as Beats by Dre and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. More about R/GA.

Are you working on something interesting? I'm currently available for freelance work and I'd love to hear about what you're doing. Send me an email.